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    You know why I love AUs? Because the whole point of them is that everything is changed, and yet these two people are still going to meet and fall in love- that they’re so set in stone and so meant to be that you can change literally everything in a hundred universes and they’ll fall in love over and over again. 

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    so this housewife decided to rewrite the harry potter series into christian books so that her kids wont be reading about witchcraft and i just cant eveN BREATHE BC THIS IS SO HYSTERICAL

    read it here:

    Hogwarts School of Prayer and Miracles


    "Fornicating, drug-addicted evolutionist" I’m crying

    Do I see our next dramatic reading?

    I think I see our next dramatic reading.

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    because everyone needs a time vortex on their blog


    take a shot each time a hipster blog reblogs this

    die of alcohol poisoning

    it represents the spiraling and infinite black vortex of the soul


    and in that moment i swear we were wibbly-wobbly

    And time wimey

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  • The Doctor + Rose Tyler  ⇨ Episode 1x02: The End of the World

    "I’m a Time Lord. I’m the last of the Time Lords. They’re all gone. I’m the only survivor. I’m left traveling on my own, ‘cause there’s no one else.”

    There’s me.”

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    We go forward.

    This is too deep to comprehend.

    Stop it

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    Watch the creative stages behind Jonny Duddle’s beautiful new UK cover for Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban in this exclusive GIF.

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  • lostinfictoo asked : If you're still taking doodle requests, what about Nine and Rose on swings? Thank you!
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    im not sure whats happening but i like it alot

    Reblogging for science

    Yes. This is very science

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